Accepts basist lämnar bandet


AcceptPeter Baltes, mer känd som tyska heavy metal bandet Accepts basist, har valt att hoppa av bandet. Såhär uttalar sig basisten om det hela:

To all ACCEPT fans: I hereby like to announce my departure as bass player from ACCEPT. I have been with the band from the very beginning. Many of you have been there as well. I like to thank you all for the great years we shared together. Keep it metal.

Medgrundande gitarristen Wolff Hoffman kommenterar:

We spent four decades together and went through thick and thin, ups and downs and I remember some incredible moments on stage. There was a blind understanding between us, personally and musically, that is very rare in this business! Looking back, I will forever cherish the carefree early years, the countless hours we spent writing songs, goofing around or roaming the cities together on tour — just having a good ol’time! Especially these last 10 years, after the revival of ACCEPT being so much fun and so successful that I thought we would continue forever and sail into the proverbial sunset together — maybe until one of us would drop dead on stage. But I guess I was wrong; it wasn’t meant to be.

To see Peter leave ACCEPT now saddens me immensely, but there’s nothing I can do but to wish him well — hoping that this is the right decision for him and that he will find whatever he is looking for…I will certainly miss my musical brother! One thing is certain, however: ACCEPT will continue full steam ahead!
Bandet har nyligen släppt skivan Symphonic Terror – Live At Wacken 2017 via Nuclear Blast och kommer att fortsätta sin aktivitet som band.

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