Day 4 and 5 – The Haunted hotel.


San Sebastian. A beautiful town right by the sea. We got told Metallica and Korn visited this amazing village. Apparently they had the best food in Spain here according to a guy called David i met the day before, after our show. I still haven’t had any good tapas so I was hoping to catch some here. But I didn’t this time either haha. But I had a lot of good red wine. 
People were smoking weed watching the show so my clothes smelled after the gig. It was a bigger kind of venue with two support bands that were really cool. CD’s were sold out before the club even opened because we had fans from France coming that got the last one’s before people could even get in. They asked for CD:s when they ere waiting outside.
 Two hardcore girl fans gave us 6 bottles of wine and hand made back packs with the thundermother logo on. Here is us and the audience with the thundermother selfie -stick.

A haunted hotel
We went back to the hotel that was located on a mountain with a beautiful view over the sea. Me and Giorgia shared the hotel room this time and we had a balcony with the ocean right in front of our eyes. It was very cold and a lot of moisture in the air.
 In the middle of the night I woke up feeling madly thirsty in the completely black room. Shivering from the cold I sit up to open my water bottle and I stop the bottle by my mouth and almost chock on what I see! I see two old woman right by Giorgias head. Two dead woman looking very alive. It was like a blue filter was over them. One was leaning over sleeping Giorgia, doing something so I could only see her brown curly hair with shades of grey in it. The other old lady (around 60+) had completely grey hair standing up the the left of the other ghost. She had a very thin body and she glanced at me for one second before standing right by Giorgias head looking down at her again. She looked very focused and didn’t seem to care about me at all.
I dove under my cover and I was shaking with fear. I could see every inch of the face of the old lady. I felt so bad for Giorgia so I decided to take action. I sat up with my eyes closed because I couldn’t bear to see them again. I said ”GO AWAY!” ”You are not welcome” ”Venir”!
After one minute under my cover someone squeezed my water bottle and it could be sign they wanted me to understand they were real.
I was laying under the cover for about one hour shaking ’cus I didn’t want to wake Giorgia up because she would be so afraid. In the very early morning i heard a couple of people breathing heavily so I thought it was Clare, Tilda or Linda in our room looking for something, trying not so wake me up. I took away my eye mask to say good morning and there was no-one there.


In the van I told the girls what I’d seen and Linda said the lights had been blinking weird in their room and Tilda was shivernig the whole night. Our tour manager Javier said he didn’t like sleeping in the old hotel. I think the old ghost ladies were cleaning ladies in the hotel many years ago and I think they were making Giorgias bed. Giorgia had a lot of pain in her neck area and said it must have been because the spirits had been blowing by her head. She hasn’t been able to move her head since this night.

Here is a pic of the haunted hotel.

 It’s sunday. We drove 5 hours down to Sala Serjos in Monzón where Bonafide stickers covered the backstage. The owner is a real fan of them and we chatted a lot and we were well treated with welcoming food and drinks. The support band was very nice and lent us two mini Marshall combos, the same amp i have to practice at, at home in Stockholm. The decoration of the club was extraordinary. Here is a pic of me and my idol Jimi that I took with our selfie stick.
IMG_4797                        IMG_4796


The gig went amazing and was the best gig on the whole tour so far in my opinion. We were tight and relaxed and enjoyed the show without any pressure what so ever and I played in a cap which I love to do. The whole village apparently fitted into the bar. The people were great and the bar men danced and people had their fists in the air in the last 30 minutes of the set. We took a lot of pics with fans at the merch after. Spanish guys seem  to take advantage of the fact they have a camera more then one time. I think one guy had  10 pics with us during the whole evening haha.  Here is a pic from the gig and the audience, what a great sunday!!!

I fell asleep watching ”Vikings” on my laptop in a non haunted hotel, but I woke up shaking of fear from the night before. The face of the thin cleaning lady with grey hair haunted my dreams.

 Monday. Up early and in the van on our way to 6 interviews. This was supposed to be our day off to recover from colds and lack of sleep but hey, rock n roll.
I have asked Javier to call the owner of the hotel and ask if she knows anything about any ghost ladies paying visits to living costumers. TO BE CONTINUED!!!
 NOW interviews and sangria in Madrid!



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