Exklusiv albumpremiär med Vulture Industries


Tillsammans med Season of Mist bjuder vi nu på en exklusiv svensk premiär av Vulture Industries nya skiva Stranger Times som släpps den 22 september i år. Från mörk rock till progressive metal bjuder Vulture Industries på ett vibrernade sound där deras lusta för att utforska musikens landskap fortsätter in på skiva nummer fyra.

So…. after 4 years of infancy, our baby is now all grown up and ready to face the world. We hope that everyone will be nice to our youngest, as it is very precious to us. It is a tender, delicate thing, but can also be full of rage and prone to sudden changes in temper and emotion. We have tried to raise it as a nice and positive child full of positivity and hope for the future. Alas it turned out predisposed to gloomy moods, but at the bottom we promise it is good. Therefore, it is important you keep an open mind, and get to know it properly before brushing it of as a weirdo.

This will be our most ambitious tour to date and we are of course looking enthusiastically forward to visit all of our favourite places and people again. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to present material from our new album ‘Stranger Times’ in concert format. We will of course supplement this with favourites from our catalogue. We much appreciate everyone, who has requests for a song or two to stop by our Facebook and drop us a comment. Please feel cordially invited to let us know what you want to hear!

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