Ny video med JORN: Cancer Demon


f82cfdb69b9013322279bb950cbee8c7d0a1f23aJorn är nu ute med en ny video till låten Cancer Demon. Låten passar verkligen bra då så många hjältar nu dött den sista tiden pga. cancer. Nedan kan man läsa om varför Jorn Lande skrev den här låten. För att lyssna och titta på nya videon klicka här.

Nya Jorn-albumet, Traveller, finns ute för den som vill höra resten av låtarna.

”Cancer Demon” is a special song with a strong message that most people unfortunately may be able to relate to. The song is written with the intent to shed some light on one of the world’s worst illnesses: cancer. I have had the privilege of recording this video in a medieval chapel in Sarpsborg, Norway. I think this location makes the message stronger and more direct, as the lyrics also are. The song might seem brutal, but I think people can relate to and embrace it for its honesty, and see it as a daring, but beautiful thing to do.

The pressure of trends and business may overshadow our presence these days, and by striving to be politically correct, people forget to live and breathe, while there’s still time and health is good.

I’m sure many of you know someone who lost their battle with cancer, or maybe someone who won it. Personally I lost friends, family and colleagues through the years. ”Cancer Demon” has a lyrical message beyond what rock or metal bands would normally write, and therefore I believe it is more unique. This message should be available for everyone rather than swept under the rug. Help stop the ”Cancer Demon” now, and make a donation !

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