Videopremiär med Ancestors


Ancestors bildades 2006 och de valde att skapa musik med atmosfär, spänning och rå känsla med en blandning progressiv rock och klassisk hårdrock.

24 augusti släpper dom albumet Suspended In Reflections och vi bjuder nu på ett smakprov i form av videon till låten Gone

”This video was mostly shot in the remote southern California location outside of Victorville. It was shot and edited by my friend Brian Sowell, who is in my other band Deth Crux as well as the Doom/Sludge band Buried At Sea. It features my friend Mike and my girlfriend Sarah. We brought my furniture out there for the living room and lit my old couch on fire. The general idea of the video was to translate various dream/vision images that elicit a strong emotional feel in me and that i relate either directly with the song or indirectly in the sense that they elicit similar feelings, i wanted very much to tie them together in a way that made enough sense not to be distracting but so that a straight forward narrative was just out reach with the intent that the viewer would be forced to focus more on the imagery/emotion being presented.”

About Author

Robban är en 31 år gammal Trollhättebo som fotar porträtt och konserter på fritiden samtidigt som han agerar Chefredaktör åt När han inte gör nåt av detta kan han antagligen träffas på på gymmet!