Landed in Dublin, city of Mr Lynott


Arrived in IRELAND yesterday. Me myself and Tilda went in 1st class. We have never done this before. We were happy to get free champagne woho! Even if it was 8 o clock in the morning haha!954702_794456417264155_1725882380169747029_n
We didn’t sleep much. Finally arrived in DUBLIN we met up with the other girls flying in from Gothenburg.
We went to famous TEMPLE BAR and had 1 pint of Guniess each (and some lager and more Guiness after that) and saw this amazing singer perform lots of covers.
We met Clare parents and had lovely dinner (and more beer) in the evening. They had 2 massive massage chairs and we took turn having massage haha. Everyone slept like babies after that. Wonderful crazy warm people haha!!

Day 2 we went around Collon and saw the church and the monastery etc. Took a pic by a Celtic cross from the 11th century. We were joking around playing ENTOMBED and their famous band picture. Here is a collage Thundermother VS Entombed haha!

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Now gig in DUNDALK in Spirit Store. MORE GUINESS!


Filippa Nässil, lead guitar

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